ONE Change, Big Results

When you're ready and eager to make changes, finding the right place to start can be overwhelming... What's the healthiest vegetable? What should I snack on? Do I have to eat breakfast? Are my dinners good or bad? Can I still eat dessert? What if I don't like salad? While it's easy (and sometimes more fun) … Continue reading ONE Change, Big Results

Kitchen Staples

I recently highlighted an amazing cooking method called peasant cooking – the process of cooking without recipes, using only the ingredients you have in your kitchen (and not having to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up that one item you forgot). While this style of cooking is the one I prefer … Continue reading Kitchen Staples

Lose the Recipe, Cook Like a Peasant

Peasant cooking. Heard of it? Simply put, the idea of peasant cooking is to cook without a recipe, using whatever ingredients you have on hand. Sound crazy? Keep just might keep you from going insane. We've all been slaves to The Recipe. Endless double-checking for all the right ingredients, wondering if Safeway carries that weird herb, and reading the same … Continue reading Lose the Recipe, Cook Like a Peasant

5 Crazy Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Are you failing your Diet, or is your Diet failing you? Sol Orwell just published an excellent article on “survivorship bias” – erroneously focusing on people or things that make it past some selection process while overlooking those that do not. We all have that friend who lost tons of weight by going Paleo or packed on … Continue reading 5 Crazy Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Fast Food & Performance: What’s the Deal?

Shhhh. The food police is around here somewhere: keep the fast food talk down! Ha, we probably talk about fast food on the daily. Why? Because people eat it. And, it’s more than just the few people that cop to it… unless just five people have eaten all of McDonald’s 300 billion hamburgers sold. First, … Continue reading Fast Food & Performance: What’s the Deal?