ONE Change, Big Results

When you're ready and eager to make changes, finding the right place to start can be overwhelming... What's the healthiest vegetable? What should I snack on? Do I have to eat breakfast? Are my dinners good or bad? Can I still eat dessert? What if I don't like salad? While it's easy (and sometimes more fun) … Continue reading ONE Change, Big Results

Still Trying to Lose Weight? Stop Slacking on Your Vegetable Intake

Eat your vegetables. Who hasn't heard that a million times? Outside of being healthy and providing adequate micronutrients, phytonutrients, fiber, and all that nonsense (sarcasm here, if you weren't sure), vegetables are a fantastic - and necessary - part of weight loss. Read on, my friends. Calories? What Calories?  Decreasing calorie intake is an unfortunate but necessary part of losing weight. Compared to … Continue reading Still Trying to Lose Weight? Stop Slacking on Your Vegetable Intake

Portion Distortion & Food Variability

Part 3 of 5 Crazy Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight. < Back to the Chicken Wing Phenomenon. Understanding portion sizes can be extremely helpful for controlling your weight. This is often a fundamental flaw in those people that struggle with weight loss. But, guess what? We suck at judging portion sizes, mis-measuring about two-thirds of … Continue reading Portion Distortion & Food Variability

Lose the Recipe, Cook Like a Peasant

Peasant cooking. Heard of it? Simply put, the idea of peasant cooking is to cook without a recipe, using whatever ingredients you have on hand. Sound crazy? Keep just might keep you from going insane. We've all been slaves to The Recipe. Endless double-checking for all the right ingredients, wondering if Safeway carries that weird herb, and reading the same … Continue reading Lose the Recipe, Cook Like a Peasant