ONE Change, Big Results

When you’re ready and eager to make changes, finding the right place to start can be overwhelming… What’s the healthiest vegetable? What should I snack on? Do I have to eat breakfast? Are my dinners good or bad? Can I still eat dessert? What if I don’t like salad?

While it’s easy (and sometimes more fun) to get caught up in the details, if you want the quickest road to change, just pick one thing and roll with it.

All too often the options appear black and white – either you’re on the health train or you’re not, you CAN have this, but you CAN’T have that – but this mentality is a recipe for a lifetime of repeated on-again-off-again successes and failures….and often years down the road you’re not much further than when you started.

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a process. Learning new behaviors is a process. Making them habits is a process. Nothing is going to, or has to, happen overnight. You can be a healthier version of yourself by next year, even if you start slow.

So, what’s the one thing you want to work on FIRST? More protein at breakfast? More vegetables? Run every day? Make dinner at home more often? Whatever it is, FOCUS on it, stick to it, and watch the change happen.


I recently had a client who came in wanting help for weight loss after many weeks of trying (and failing) to do it on her own. The problem? She was trying to cut calories everywhere. There wasn’t a direct method or path she was following except for just to eat less.

When she came to see me, we took a different, much more direct approach: have a protein shake for breakfast every morning. Everything else stayed the same, but instead of not knowing each morning what to eat and maybe or maybe not eating less, she would just make a protein smoothie instead. After a couple weeks of sticking to that ONE change, the weight started to consistently and linearly come off. In turn, her success gave her more motivation to continue changing, and we were slowly able to add new habits and changes to her lifestyle – one piece at a time.

Yes, nutrition has its complexities and nuances, but until the big pieces are in place and we are seeing some ACTUAL change, why fuss over it just yet? If you want success, pick one thing.